The Author Revealed

Hey guys. I, Steve Burlesson, have been a little depressed lately. I don’t know why, I just haven’t been feeling it.

I guess I wanted to leave you today with the twitter and facebook of the Book of Running. They are a great tool to keep up with the site. I guess I haven’t been putting in the miles lately which may be why I’m not feeling good. I need my endorphins and you don’t get them from just reading about running. You actually have to run. And you do get the motivation to do that by reading the book of running.

Anyways, I, Steve Burlesson, will, as the only blogger online to know the truth, reveal who the Author of the Book of Running is. Then I will tell you to follow him on facebook and twitter.

Now take a good look at this handsome fella, he’s a trusted friend of mine.


And be sure to follow his website by clicking on the links below



Until next time.

Yours truly.
Steve Burlesson

High altitude training in St. Moritz

While we are on the topic of running, the website in my last post led me to this video. It is pretty awesome and shows just how enjoyable a trip with friends to the alps can be.

Picture that, you and your friends, adventuring in the alps, living out of a caravan and high altitude training, climbing mountains and drinking beer at the top, swimming in lakes.

It’s just the moments that makes life worth living. So be sure to check out this vid on high altitude training.

My logo, secrets to avoid kneeproblems and how to run faster

I’ve had my web-designer work on my logo. It’s not done yet but it should be soon. Looks something like this:


In my own opinion it’s ugly af. I should get a new¬†designer.


Enough of an intro, let’s get down to business. I’m a runner and once a runner, always a runner. I love running cause it keeps my head fresh and energized, keeps me lean and gives me every great benefit aerobic exercise can give.

And running felt great, until I, Steve Burleson, one day overdid it. And I got knee problems. And now I want to tell you about how I got rid of my knee problems; I fixed my running technique. Apparently we were all born to run. Humans are supremely built for long distance running and can beat most other animals at it. Then why the fuck shouldn’t I, Steve Burleson, be able to run 5 miles a day?

My favorite website about running is maybe not runner’s world’s because they also got a magazine. But as my readers some day in the near future will discover, I, Steve Burleson, is not a very mainstream guy. I’m more hip than your average LA hipster. I visit everyday. And they did write a review on a running course I used to fix my running technique and get rid of my kneeproblems. After I did, this is how I felt:

Whatever you do in life, it’s important to do it not as best as you can, but as correct as you can. Cause if you do it wrong, you’re gonna screw up.

“If you do things wrong, you are gonna screw up” – Steve Burleson

And if it’s worth doing at all, then it sure as hell is worth doing with the right technique. And remember, this goes for everything in life and not just running.

Todays tip is to start reading the Book of Running if you want to learn how to run faster with the proper technique.


Hello everybody, this is Steve Burleson speaking.

Welcome to my blog. For the most part here I’ll be writing about self-development or as Elliot Hulse would put it; becoming the strongest version of yourself. I’ll probably touch into subjects like finances, athletics, productivity, and other sub-niches that are cool.