The Author Revealed

Hey guys. I, Steve Burlesson, have been a little depressed lately. I don’t know why, I just haven’t been feeling it.

I guess I wanted to leave you today with the twitter and facebook of the Book of Running. They are a great tool to keep up with the site. I guess I haven’t been putting in the miles lately which may be why I’m not feeling good. I need my endorphins and you don’t get them from just reading about running. You actually have to run. And you do get the motivation to do that by reading the book of running.

Anyways, I, Steve Burlesson, will, as the only blogger online to know the truth, reveal who the Author of the Book of Running is. Then I will tell you to follow him on facebook and twitter.

Now take a good look at this handsome fella, he’s a trusted friend of mine.


And be sure to follow his website by clicking on the links below



Until next time.

Yours truly.
Steve Burlesson